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Access to water

The water consumption in the world doubled since the Second world war and, according to the figures of UNO, more than one billion people access to drinking water does not have.


A solution would be to recycle waste water. Usually, those are treated before being rejected into nature. But this waste water (those of the toilets, for example) could, as it is already the case in Barcelona or in Namibia, being disinfected and recycled for a domestic or agricultural use.

Sums us ready?

The medical means exist but the main obstacle, according to the researchers, is… psychological.

Product NALCOOL® 2000

Diesel Engine Corrosion Inhibitor:

Supplemental Coolant Additive

Designed to protect cast iron diesel engine cooling


Contains additives to protect against sludge and

mineral scale formation

Prevents overheating

Effective against liner pitting and cavitation erosion

Not ot harmful to radiator or heater connecting hoses,

diesel liner seals and ‘O’rings

Recommended and used by major diesel engine

manufacturers throughout the world

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Our range extends…

Industrial waste water, water, water of swimming pool
Acid Isocyanurique Chloride Benzalkonium
Sulphamic acid Sodium hyposulphite
Sodium alginate Monopersulfate de Potassium
Anthracite of Filtration Sands of filtration
Sodium bisulfate Salt in pastilles for water-softeners
Extinct lime Copper sulfate
Analyses and water treatments…
El Kheir on the spot provides the equipment for the analytical test which facilitates the analysis. We propose a range of specialities standards, instrumentation and testing methods for results rapid and in conformity. The spectrophotometers and colorimeters are canned with a series of test parameters to support programs of chemical treatment. All the instruments are examined to ensure exactitude and reliability by our supplier to help to already ensure compatibility with programs in place.

We also propose our product range

for the water treatment.

  Drinking water:
Sulphate Alumina Sodium carbonate
Calcium hypochlorite Polymer
Polyphosphate Activated carbon
One of our partners…
water treatment
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