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::   Respirator of anaesthesia ALYS 2000  


ALYS 2000 offers 2 effective controlled ventilation modes by means of a high inspiratory flow rate: volume (VC) and pressure (PC). At each stage of the anaesthesia, ALYS 2000 ensures accurate ventilation monitoring and particularly allows safe spontaneous ventilation. ALYS 2000 is adaptable to all situations, from newborns to adults.

The intuitive control panel gives a good view of patient ventilation and its various alarms with dedicated display areas.


For more convenience, ALYS 2000 is equipped with a rotametric mixer. 5 backlit tubes enable quick and precise fresh gas settings.

With an optimized design, ALYS 2000 can integrate any monitors and accessories and offers a work area with clever storage solutions.


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::   Respirator of anaesthesia MONNAL D2

Designed to meet the requirements of anesthetists in the most varied situations, the MONNAL D2 is a robust anaesthesia system with an open circuit configuration.

It can be fitted with an O2/N2O mixer and an oxygen extractor.

In the absence of oxygen and Nitrous Oxide supply, its internal compressor can be used to directly ventilate the patient.

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