Our manufacturing unit

Our manufacturing unit


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El Kheir it is also…
El Kheir Ets

it is also the supply of
gas and materials of welding:

puce Acetylene puce Connections
puce Oxygenate puce Nozzles
puce Argon puce Pressure gauge
puce Blowtorches puce Masks

bottles of gas
Gas of local production:
The production has to begin into 2003 from oxygen and acetylene with Nouakchott and we have deposits of sale.
We lay out various volumes of bottles of 4m3, 6m3, 7m3. Pressure of filling 150 bar.

Also our oxygen is medical with a purity of 99,8%.

we ensure the reépreuve, maintains it, the monitoring of bottles by our qualified personnel.



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