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EL Kheir provides you medicinal gases used more particularly in the fields of the anaesthesia reanimation (LENOXeTM, KINOXTM, medicinal nitrogen protoxide…), treatment of the pain (Meopa KALINOXTM) or that of the respiratory affections (medicinal oxygen). They also relate to medical gases (Medical Devices) used in particular medical gestures (medical C02 coelioscopy, nitrogenizes medical liquid, surgical medical argon…) or of gases of analyses necessary for the diagnoses and the follow-ups of the treatments of the patients.

El Kheir accompanies the establishments by care and the actors of health in their mission, by proposed innovations to improve the treatments, to facilitate their implementation and to reduce the risks 

Radiograph digitized by plane sensor CANON
The rebuilding of images or stitching (option available for EVOLUTION, DReam and suspension controlled to mural Potter STEPHANIX)
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Radiograph digitized by plane sensor CANON
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it is also:
The equipment radiology to integrate this technology into its stands, rooms of bone, remote-controlled and mobile rooms of radiology  
Stephanix equipment

bottles of gas
Industrial gas: Oxygenate

Industrial gas: Oxygenate logo El Kheir


Oxygenate the air is composed of 78% of nitrogen and oxygen 21%. With a temperature of less 183 °C, oxygen is liquified. With less 218,9 °C, it becomes solid. With atmospheric pressure, liquid oxygen occupies a volume 854 times smaller than in gas form.
This is why of great quantities of oxygen are transported and stored in liquid cryogenic form.
The most important characteristic of oxygen is its reactivity.
There are only few elements with which oxygen does not react.
Processes of oxidation and combustion proceed much more quickly in an atmosphere enriched in oxygen than in the air.
Thus, oxygen is essential in a great number of industrial applications. Oxygen is essential for the metabolism of many organizations and it is water soluble.
So it is used for many applications of the treatment of water and technologies of the environment.


Thanks to our partners we provide:

equipment which covers all the significant sectors of the hospital, the reanimation to the urgencies or in units of intensive care: 

the material of anaesthesia of the operating theatre suite; 

apparatuses of recovery rooms.

material of anaesthesia


The therapeutic or medicinal gases are drugs. They are used to break down, oxygenate, anaesthetize a patient, to relieve the pain at the time of a painful act or to treat the acute respiratory distresses.
The medical gases are used everywhere in the hospital: with the service of the urgencies, the operating theatre suite, in reanimation and recovery room until in the room of the patient. They irrigate all the hospital thanks to a protected distribution network.
They must indeed preserve their purity and be available constantly. They are used starting from faceplates which equip the various services or by direct connection with a bottle under pressure.




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