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Medical gases and Fluids
The power stations of medical fluids that EL KHEIR Company installs allow the production as well as the distribution in the various services. Its equipment of regulations and distributions ensures the routing in hospital medium, of the medical fluids. Oxygenate.
The materials and advanced techniques, bring a comfort and a safety appreciated by the health professionals like by the end user, the patient!

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El Kheir it is also…
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Hospital medical equipment

EL KHEIR Company , by the wise choice of international partners, great qualities to the ridge of “pointed” technologies more, can “as a project superintendent” ensure the complete equipment of hospital, not having anything to envy the hospitals of El Kheirquality of the industrialized countries.
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We can provide you…
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Flexible endoscopy






10.4“ color TFT LCD Display Patient Monitor.
Enable parameters are 6-Ch ECG, SPO2, Respiration, Heart Rate, Temperature, NIBP. 2-IBP
Etco2 and Printer are optional. It also provides the excellent convenience to the users by enabling built-in battery for high mobility, compact and handy design. Simply controlling Encoder key, it helps a compact access to the patient’s information
(pacemaker detecting, easy check for cardiac disorder)
Reagents, consumable, analyses  
Medical laboratories: by the consumable reagents and various and complete, kits of analyses… plus de détails
  combilyser El Kheir it is also the bio-material

The combilyser plus de détails  

bio-material plus de détails

El Kheir Universe of your health!

  El Kheir provides a complete range of products and solutions in the field of health. Rifair partner
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